Jacob Hall

Children: Seth (14), Evan (11), Guinevere (6)
Most Recent Binge-Watch: Letterkenny, Vikings
Dream Destinations: Hawaii, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Thailand and Scandinavia
Favorite Flavors: Vanilla and caramel, a great cup of coffee, mint

Chloe Loomis

Born: Philadelphia, PA
Lived: Philadelphia, PA: Brooklyn, NY; Rome, Italy; Petoskey, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor and Holland, MI; Marseille, France
Design Muse: Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier

Lesa DeLisle

Grandchildren: Eevee (6), Willow (2)
Ancestry: Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French Canadian
Fun Fact: Lived on Grand Bahama Island for five years as a teenager
Favorite Desserts: Peach pie and/or carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Andrea Lee

Alma Mater: University of Michigan
Dream Destination: Scotland, the Shetland Islands
Guilty Pleasures: Thrift stores, binging BBC detective series, Peanut M&Ms
Favorite Author: Jane Austen


Names: Otto (4) and Henry (2)
Breeds: Miniature Schnauzer, Lakeland Terrier
Primary Tasks: Morale boosting, team building, resource guarding, perimeter enforcement
Best Tricks: “Shake” and “Dance”
Favorite Treats: Stella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Biscuits