After much research, my husband and I chose Jonathan Lee as our architect for the remodel of our home. We could not have made a better choice. We met Jonathan at our house, and he took us through his education and philosophy of architecture. Then he took us through his thoughts regarding our remodel. He listened to everything we wanted out of the house. He planned accordingly. When Jonathan brought us the plans, we discussed the things that we had questions about, and he listened to the us regarding the changes we wanted to make. Then we received his final plans with our changes perfectly integrated into the design. We were not in the city when our renovations were being done. Jonathan handled everything for us. Jonathan recommended the contractor, and he was wonderful. We chose our interior designer. Jonathan worked seamlessly with her. In fact, she commented several times that he was easy to work with. Jonathan worked with landscapers to enhance the view from the home. Once the job began, Fred and I, added some things and Jonathan was always quick to include them and do what had to be done to accommodate our late additions. We love our home. The final project exceeded our expectations. We do not have any complaints. It really is spectacular. Everyone who visits loves it.

Irene S.

Jonathan Lee is a very creative and easy to work with architect whom I would highly recommend to anyone considering either a renovation to an existing home or planning on building a new one. Jonathan, unlike many architects, begins working with you by listening carefully to what you want to achieve with your project.  By listening to your ideas, Jonathan makes you feel from the beginning that you are an important part of the process. My project was to completely renovate a family home that hadn’t been updated in 50 years while still retaining the character of the original home.  Thanks to Jonathan’s creativity and skill he completed a beautiful floor-to-ceiling renovation of the whole house, while miraculously keeping the feeling of the original home.  To this day guests always comment on the beauty of the wood paneling as well as the extraordinary wood moldings that are used throughout the house.  Finally, to finish this fabulous renovation, Jonathan also managed to add on an attached two-bedroom guest house that blended so well with the main house that it looked like it had always been there.

Barbara J.

Jonathan provided creative and beautiful designs in the remodel of our 19th century dance pavilion turned summer home. We wanted to preserve the essence of the original structure with modern lines and functional spaces. He listened carefully and hit the nail on the head. Jonathan worked well with us and with the contractors at every step, and with his world of experience, was able to provide ideas and solutions new to us and to our builders. We could not be happier with the design, results or processes. Even though we were miles away from his office, communication was easy and efficient, and Jonathan is the consummate architect, professional, and gentleman.

Kurt N.

Jonathan Lee is one of the finest and most professional gentlemen my wife and I have ever worked with. He designed our new home using a small, existing farmhouse and created a 10,000 sq. ft. “home for the ages.” His attention to detail, like 5- and 7-piece crown molding; his knowledge of mechanical systems; his choice of colors; and his ability to work with subcontractors are extraordinary. My wife and I could not be more pleased, and we continue to enjoy the home after 15 years. Oh…the best news? The home and its design still look fresh and “like new!” In addition, we hired Jonathan to design our retirement home in downtown Charlevoix, and he again produced a masterpiece. And really, best of all, we call Jonathan our friend.

Frank S.

Jonathan Lee and team are outstanding.
Jonathan is diligent, very talented, and very responsive to owner input.
He has designed and we have built several projects for us including both a lake house and a beach house in Northern Michigan and a pool and pool house, as well as a lake and lake pavilion in Colorado.
At my request, Jonathan approached our first project, the lake house, through a more scholarly introduction. We wanted a shingle style home. He brought us through the history of shingle style, teaching us about the elements of shingle style with examples from Newport RI through Maine. He then designed a magnificent lake house with our input. I’m a stickler for the right stone. He accompanied me on a tour of rock quarries north of Albany and then into southern Quebec, where we chose a host of flat work slates and wall stone gneisses and schists, which we used with great effect both at our lake house and our beach house.
He flew to Colorado and helped reshape our pool, pavilion and lake project which improved it greatly.
I also toured his other work in Northern Michigan at Crystal Downs near Frankfurt. These are also masterpieces with the highest standards of materials and design.
Overall, I am extremely satisfied with all we’ve done together and would not hesitate doing future projects with him and his dedicated staff.

Paul R.

Jonathan Lee came highly recommended to us, and did not disappoint. We wanted to make a few changes to a lakeside cottage that had been in the family for 100 years. The goal was to make the improvements- electric, plumbing, heat and air and add a front porch in a way that looked seamless- as if the porch had always been part of the cottage.
Visitors did a double take- “was this porch here the last time we were here?”

Jonathan listened to what we wanted, made drawings of options, and helped us through the process. His knowledge and taste are impeccable, and he is patient and generous with his ideas.

We were so pleased with his work and the process, that we have engaged him to build another structure for us.

Jan B.

Jonathan has helped us design two houses. Both have been beautiful, extremely successful personal residences that have also been featured in national publications in recognition of their aesthetic significance. Jonathan’s superb understanding of the vocabulary of classical architecture is evident in every detail of his work. He is uncompromising in his commitment to quality, his choices of materials , and his insistence on craftsmanship. Deal with him using patience and he will reward you with a masterpiece.

Jim M.

Excellent service. Understood our vision and crafted a beautiful design. Listened closely and then presented ideas. Patient. True partnership offering guidance as well as advice. Worked closely with contractor. Good communicator. Detailed design and blueprints were unambiguous and contractor and client easily understood the design. He easily communicated the vision to contractor and represented us well. Fees were fair. Results were beyond expectation but accurately reflected the drawings and blueprints.

Bob P.

We’ve been meaning to write to you for a couple years now. You designed our house about 11 years ago and, still, we never get tired of looking at the beautiful detail and going from room to room and looking out the perfectly sized and placed windows. We have retired, sold our house in Kalamazoo, and are living here most of the year. Everything about the house–the scale, the floor plan, the framed openings, the detail–is something we feel lucky to wake up to each day and we can’t imagine being more content in a home. This is truly a special house.

We’re not the only ones who appreciate your work. Our families love to visit us here and I’ve lost count of the number of people who have told us this is their favorite house. People regularly stop in front of the house to look at it and, sometimes, to take photos.

We just wanted you to know, if you don’t already, what a lasting impact your work has had and how much we appreciate it.

Susan F.